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Prize Pool.

Since I'm not that well know yet.
Here is an edit on the prize pool.

I basically said 15 doujins for the winner and 10 for runner up. The winner who has submitted for Valentines day/New years. Will get an additional 10 doujins. So if you are the winner of the entire contest and submitted... you get a total of 25. Runner up will still get their choice of 10 but if they too submit for V-day/New years they will get a 10 bonus too. I make sure everyone gets their shot. but here is a more in depth of what you could win and what I'll put up out of my own abilities.

Winner -
15 doujins of their choice. if completion of the bonus challenge they get an additional 10. (also if I personally really your submissions. I will put out of my own expense of maybe buying a commission work for you. Or write a story.)
So that is
15 - 25 doujins.
Chance to get your own commissioned work by an artist of my choice. (Trust me people I do know talented people.)
And a story.

10 doujins with an additional 10 if you complete the V-day/New years Challenge.
You will also get a chance for a commission depending on how tasteful your work is.
A story as well.

For participation.
basically those that submit something and don't win I'll be fair and give you all 5 doujins. For completion of the V-day / New years challenge.

If anyone has anything they could submit as prize pool I'll happily reimburse you somehow for doing this.

There will also be a special challenge and be sure to do it for an extra bonus. Make sure you get Scorpio done. L is one and I would hate to see L's own Zodiac not included.

With that said Happy Creations!

Yours truly
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