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Contest closed.

We are closed to anyone else submitting. Our contestants this month are amochan8878 and batty_angel

It is now time to vote for your favorite artist.

Contestant #1 amochan8878 and her piece Gemini. L x BB.

Contestant #2 batty_angel and her entry Libra. L x Matt x Mello. Contains bondage theme and mild nudity. Rating on this one is about 16. <l.</l>

I'm afraid to view this one you are going to need a DA account. Batty if you could, could you post your picture in a comment so people that don't have an account at DA may view it.

Voting will begin I normally screen comments but for this one lets go ahead and let them be seen.

You may vote only once to be fair. Now beg all of your friends to vote for you! XD Voting will stay open till the 28th. Winner will be announced on the 28th so lets get to it!

Good luck to our lovelies and may the best one win.

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