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Revelations: Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note.

Warnings: Mpreg, a little OOC, angst, hints of lemon.

Pairings: L/Light

Summary: The impossible comes along to throw Light and L off their mind games. How will each of them deal with looking into their own emotions when they both refuse to see it? And when Kira reappears to heat up the battle once again, L has to choose between true justice or protecting an innocent life.

Notes: Well I was thinking of doing an Mpreg story for Death Note and finally did one. I hope it fits into the characters well and it goes well with the story. Please tell me what u think of it.


Chapter One: Unexpected

While staring at the papers in front of his face, the teenager blinks his eyes over and over again. It must be from not sleeping well and being sick everyday for the past two weeks. As he relooks at the words written on the paper, he shakes his head to hope this is all a huge mistake or a huge horrible joke. How could it happen? Okay, very stupid question. There isn't a way this is possible. No way in hell could it be true. When he looks down for the fourth time, he groans, "This has to be a fucking sick joke." Still, the information is not changing before his eyes. As he tosses the papers down, he over thinks the information. All of it doesn't make sense. Rubbing the bridge of his nose to stop the oncoming headache, he whispers, "This is his fault. All his fault." Okay, that isn't true. It takes two for it to happen. How is it possible? The results must be a mistake. Maybe they sent him the wrong results. As he leans his head back, he mutters, "If I was a woman, I could understand and then I would kill the fucking bastard who knocked me up." When he hears the loud tick sounds coming from the clock, he looks down to his wrist to see it bare. It was one week into him being sick all morning long that finally had L release him from the hand cuffs with a threat if he tried anything then he will be spending the rest of the time in a holding cell. Shaking his head from side to side, he growls, "This has to be wrong. This has to be the wrong results." With that set in his mind, he stands up and walks out of the room to head to the main room where the detective is sitting.

When the door opens, Yagami looks up from his work to find his son with a furious look. It has been some time since he was surprised to see such anger on his boy's face. As he finds his child staring at L, he thinks, "More like drilling holes into the back of L's head. Wonder what happened this time?"

Without turning around, L asks in a monotone voice with a hint of concern, "How were the test results? I hope nothing is wrong with Yagami-kun. That would be most troubling."

As his hands ball into fists, Light growls out, "Were those really my test results?"

Turning around quickly, L tilts his head and answers with his thumb at his lip, "Of course they are, Yagami-kun. I would never have the wrong test results sent to Yagami-kun."

While the results enter his mind, the teenager mutters, "I think I'm going to be sick." Before anyone could ask questions about it, he runs out of the room to the bathroom. There isn't a way that it is true. Still, L would never risk his main suspect in danger or this. As he leans over the toilet, he can't stop from hacking up nothing. When his stomach stops from flipping around, he sits down against the wall. All he has to do is think this logically. While holding his head, he mumbles to the empty bathroom, "This can't be happening. It isn't possible. There is no way in hell it can be true."

In the main room, Yagami asks in concern, "Ryuuzuki, do you know what the results were?"

Still staring at the door, L answers in a flat tone, "No. Yagami-kun swore true harm if I read the doctor's reports before him. Yagami-kun has become scary over the past few weeks."

With a raised eyebrow, Aizawa mumbles, "When has that ever bothered you before?"

As he bites his thumb, L stares wide eyed at Aizawa and mutters, "Yagami-kun swore damage to my sweets." Shaking his head, he continues with his mumbling, "Sweets done nothing to him ever. The percentage of Yagami-kun being Kira is very high indeed." When he feels everyone's eyes on him, he looks up to find many shocked expressions and asks, "What? Was it something I said?" Of course, he knows very well what he said and why everyone is looking at him like that. What can he say? This is too much fun to his mind. If he wasn't in front of the others, he would be laughing at them right now. As his thoughts go back to the young mass killer, he wonders if he should go check on the teenager to show his concern. After a few minutes of thinking it through and the outcomes that will happen, he stands up hunched over and mumbles, "I am going to see if Yagami-kun is all right. It is very troubling if Yagami-kun is very sick."

In the bathroom, Light thinks over everything for the tenth time. Still there is nothing logical about the whole ordeal. As he takes a deep breath to calm his raging emotions that are ready to release, he states, "There has to be a mistake somewhere. I just got to figure it out and then everything will be all right." If he was a woman, then he would have beat the shit out of L in the main room intending to kill the detective one way or another even if that shows his alikeness to Kira all the more. All he would had to blame it on was the fact L was the only one who had sex with him. As he bangs his head against the wall, he groans out, "Damnit. It isn't possible. It isn't fucking possible."

L asks from the doorway, "What is not possible?" As he tilts his head to study his suspect, he finds the other glaring daggers at him. Well, there is no surprise there. After all, they tend to be enemies except when he is screwing the brains out of the younger man. That is when the other is screaming for him even more. Why did he start those acts between them? Who knows? It was something to pass the time while trying to figure out what Light is planning. As his toe rubs against his leg, he asks, "What did the results show?"

As he stands up, Light growls out, "Another doctor is what I need." When he finds the other giving him a questionable look, he walks over and states in a low dangerous voice, "I want another opinion on the test results. I think you can set that up." Before the detective can make a comment, he smashes his lips against L's. There is no way he is going to talk this over with the older man or at least not right now.

While his brain finds this act very interesting, L turns the tables and pushes the teenager against the wall and takes over the kiss. As he feels arms wrap around his shoulders, he breaks the heated kiss to find lust filled honey eyes and replies, "Yagami-kun has been very needy for the past week."

Light demands, "Shut up and just fuck me."

As he tilts his head, L points out, "Such a foul mouth, Yagami-kun has." When he gains a heated glare, he continues to speak, "Yagami-kun still has not answered my question. What were the test results that has Yagami-kun so disturbed and wants another doctor's opinion?"

Turning his head to look anywhere but those all knowing eyes, Light growls out, "None of your business."

L states firmly, "Wrong. It is my concern since Yagami-kun is part of my team."

As he pushes the older man away from him, Light retorts rudely, "You don't give a shit about the task members."

While giving a sharp look at his suspect, the detective responds in a cold voice, "Yagami-kun is also wrong about that too. I do care what happens to the members of the team including you." As he turns Light's head to look into his eyes, he demands, "Now, you will tell me what those test results said that has Yagami-kun very upset."

Slapping the pale hand away from him, Light walks around the detective and hisses out, "Go screw yourself, L." Without waiting for a smart remark, he leaves the bathroom to head back to the main room. Maybe he should skip the day and stay in the shared bedroom with L all day long. If he does that, he will have the other members wonder what is going on and that is the last thing he wants. When he enters, he feels everyone stop their work and look at him. Without even saying a word, he sits down in his seat and growls lowly. No one can bring out his anger like L can. It is going to make him flip out soon enough. Not only did the older man have to make it a point to be nosy about the results but also turn him on so badly that he wants to be fucked anywhere at the moment.

Matsuda asks in a soft voice, "Is everything all right, Light-kun?"

As his hands ball up into fists, Light snaps, "Everything is perfectly fine!"

While watching his men flinch by his boy's tone, Yagami sighs and is ready to scold his son's behavior until he watches L walk in with a hard look. It would seem they had another fight again. As he looks between Light and L, he asks, "Do you have to pick a fight all the time?"

Before Light can say anything, L replies, "Yagami-kun is not telling me what is wrong with him."

Turning around, Light sneers out, "It is not your business! If it was serious, I would have told you!" Of course that is a lie and easy to see through. There is no way he would tell anyone what the results stated. Even if by some unlogical possibility it is true, he would rather have Kira end his life then tell anyone.

L remarks, "Yagami-kun is lying and an easy lie too. I thought Yagami-kun was better at lying since he can fool almost everyone about being Kira."

That was the last thing Light needed to hear. As he grabs the closest thing to his body, he yells, "I AM NOT KIRA!" Without warning, he stands up and throws the coffee cup right at L. Of course, the detective would have to dodge it and the cup smashing against the wall. All he feels is rage running through his body and light headed.

As his men stare at his son with wide eyes, Yagami stands up with a hard look for it to change quickly to concern. Before he can get to his son's side, he watches L catch his child. While walking over, he asks, "What is going on?"

Without answering, L orders, "Watari, please send for the doctor to check Yagami-kun out right away. One of our own too." If it is the last thing he does, he will find out what has gotten into the teenager. As he stands up, he picks Light up and mumbles under his breath, "You really have to be so difficult to handle."

Following the detective down the hall to the bedroom, Yagami asks, "Do you think it is serious? I..."

After laying the teenager down onto the bed, L answers in a flat tone, "I do not know that answer, Yagami-san. I am not a doctor." When he sees concern run across the old man's face, he retorts, "The doctor I have is the best in the world. Please do not worry, Yagami-san."

With a glance over at L, the police chief states, "It is not that easy." When he gains a curious look, he continues to speak, "Once you have children, you will understand what I mean."

Opening his mouth ready to state it would be very unlikely of him having children, the detective shuts it quickly. It would not do very well to have his suspect's father ponder if he had sexual actives with his son even if it has happened already. As he rubs his toe against his leg, he mumbles, "Hmm, I guess so, but I doubt I will have children, Yagami-san."

Yagami asks, "Why do you say that, Ryuuzuki?"

As he gives a faint smile, L explains, "Well dangerous cases would be something to go on. Also, I do not get out much. So, I do not think I will find someone who could stand me long enough to have a child with." When he gains a soft look from the old man, he would like to state that it is very impossible since he has never been attracted to women, but he knows it is best to keep that to himself. Looking around the room, he spots the papers on the desk. With a tilt of his head, he ponders over the risks of looking at the papers while the younger man is out cold. As his shoulders shrug slightly, his hunch form walks over to the desk. While picking up the papers like usually, he reads the information. His eyes widen even more than they usually are and his head is spinning in circles. No wonder Light wanted another opinion. As he spins to look at the young man laying on their shared bed, he thinks, "Impossible, but these doctors have been under me for years."

Looking at the detective, Yagami questions in concern, "Is something wrong, Ryuuzuki?"

While setting the papers down on the desk, L lies with ease, "Nothing wrong, Yagami-san. A little concern for Yagami-kun that is all." When the door opens, he turns to look at Watari and an elderly man who is his personal doctor. With a frown on his face, he asks, "Were you the one who ran the tests on Yagami Light?"

As he blinks his eyes, the doctor answers calmly, "Of course. I ran all tests including ones that I did not think related. I sent the results here already."

When he notices the concern on Yagami's face, the detective walks to the door and pulls out his personal doctor with him. Shutting the door behind him, he asks in a firm tone, "Did you run a pregnancy test?"

The doctor replies, "That was one of the first tests I did since the way you described the young miss, it pointed more to being pregnant."

As he stares at the doctor like he has lost his mind, L is ready to lose his control, which has never happened. Without another word, he walks inside the room and requests, "Can you please leave the room, Yagami-san?"

Yagami asks, "Why?"

With a deep annoyed sigh, L explains, "Because I need to talk to Yagami-kun alone." When the police chief stares at him, he orders, "Leave the room now, Yagami-san or leave the team."

As his eyes narrow at the detective, Yagami remarks, "You're not giving me a choice."

L replies, "Correct."

Yagami raises his voice, "This is my son."

When he looks up from staring at the younger man, the detective retorts, "I understand that much, Yagami-san, but right now he will speak to me first. Now please do leave the room before he wakes up."

Walking to the door, Yagami states firmly, "I want an explanation to this after you speak to my son."

As he waves his hand back, L hears the door slam. Well this should be getting very interesting soon enough. As he jumps onto the chair beside the bed, he tries to figure out how a man could get pregnant. While scanning over the teenager, he thinks, "I know for sure he is a man."

With a small groan, Light mumbles sleepy, "Stop staring you pervert."

While his mind tries to figure out the reason for something like this happening, L tilts his head to the side. There are many conflicted things in this case. As he lets a sigh escape his mouth, he questions, "What is the last thing you remember from today?" The percentage of Light being Kira has risen by twenty. What will he do now? If he can prove it, will he send this young man to prison? Alone the fact said man is carrying his child. The thought of children never crossed his mind ever, but now he must think on it. There is one thing that he will never let his child suffer and that is left alone in the world.

As he opens his eyes to stare up at the bland ceiling, Light replies, "We got into a fight. Well more like an argument and I threw something at you. That's all I remember." While looking around to find himself in the bedroom, he asks, "What happened?"

With a calm voice, L answers, "You passed out. Yagami-san and I brought you back into the bedroom. I have called for my personal doctor to come." Like he thought, Light becomes tense and closes his eyes tightly. Without letting the other say a word, he states, "I read the results and also talked to the doctor who ran them. Count it he thought you were a female and that is the reason he ran the pregnancy test."

While balling the sheets up into his hands, the teenage asks hopefully, "Were they a mistake?"

As he keeps his eyes on the young man, the detective answers, "It was not a mistake. As for how it is possible, well I have a theory but will keep that to myself." What will happen next? Will all of this blow up in their faces? Their little games they have played from the start can bring a lot of things to the surface. Things that are best left alone. Emotions were never part of this tug of war between the two.

Closing his eyes, Light replies calmly, "Tell me your theory. I have one of my own if you would like to hear it." Why will he open himself up for an attack? This could all be a trick. A trap set up to bring him to his knees. Somehow this doesn't seem like a normal trap. Then again, none of this seems normal. If he wasn't the first to read the results, he would have said it was L messing with his mind to gain false answers or answers that he isn't sure he would like to point out.

While placing his thumb on his lip once again, L retorts, "I doubt you would like my theory very much, but I will tell you anyways."

Before the words can leave L's mouth, Light retorts, "I know your theory." As he turns his head to look at the wall, he tries to think logically again but everything isn't logic. None of this makes sense. It feels more like a horrible dream. When he feels the bed dip, he asks, "How high is the possibility of me being Kira now?"

As he brings his legs to his chest, L leans his head on his knees and answers in a bored tone, "I told you that I believe you were Kira, not that you are Kira right now." When he gains a glare for his comment, he continues, "The possibility that Yagami-kun was Kira has risen to seventy-five percent."

With a frown, the teenager whispers, "This could still be a huge mistake. It has to be. I mean..." All his thoughts race wild. What are the chances of a male getting pregnant? It is slim to none. It isn't possible but those tests showed he is in fact pregnant. If it is really true, could it really mean him being Kira? What will happen to him if he is proven guilty? As he frowns even more, he thinks, "What happens to my child if I am proven guilty?" Why is he thinking about something like that? Glancing at the detective, he finds his answers right in front of his face. As a deep sigh escapes his lips, he turns his head to stare at the night stand by the bed. There is nothing he can do to stop it from happening. Well, he could run but he knows that he wouldn't get far.

Knowing the other man was staring at him for a while, L speaks up, "The doctor is still here but I think you need some rest before he checks on you. Besides I need to keep his mouth shut completely."

Without turning his head to look at the older man, Light asks, "What will be said?" There is something in him that wants to ask what will happen to him but he doesn't voice it. First, his pride will not let anyone see a weakness in him. Second, he feels that he doesn't have the right be concern about it. If the greatest detective thinks he is guilty, then in some weird way he must be even if he can't remember any of it. Could it be possible of him doing something like that and not remember it?

As he stares at the door, L answers, "I will say that you are sick. That will get the other task members to back off, but I am afraid that will not convince your father." When he looks at the teenager, he asks, "What would you like me to say to him?"

Turning his head to look stun at the detective, Light mumbles, "You won't tell him about any of this if I asked you not to?" When the older man nods his head, he sighs out, "It will be impossible to hide all of this for long. If it is true, then it will show in time. It will not take a genius to figure something out."

When he places his legs down to sit normally, the detective retorts, "That is true. I could not refuse him to see you forever." As he gains a soft chuckle from Light, he replies, "I could explain but I do not think he will understand everything and will lose his control."

Light asks, "Does it matter?"

As he stands up, L states, "You have choices to make about this and I think you should first talk to the doctor about this." Before he can walk away, he feels his hand grabbed and turns to look at the young man. For the first time since he has known the other, he finds a slight fear within honey eyes. Tilting his head to the side, he asks, "Is there something else you want?"

When he drops his guard slightly, Light answers, "If this is true by some off chance, I want to have the child no matter the risks." As those dark eyes continue to study him, he continues in a whispering voice, "And if I am proven guilty of being Kira, then I want... want... want you to promise me one thing. Promise me that you will raise our child with true justice."

Studying Light for a few minutes, L replies, "That I will do, Yagami-kun." When he is released, he orders, "Yagami-kun needs some sleep." As he watches those honey eyes shut, he walks to the door. Could that have been a trick? Would Light use a child has leverage to stop from being punished? With a deep sigh, he opens the door and exits the room. It really doesn't matter if it is or not. Since he has already decided what he was going to do about this situation if it turns out to be true. As he locks the door behind him, he heads to the main room where the team members are waiting. When he enters the room, he finds everyone have a worried expression on their faces and Yagami pacing the room.

Standing up quickly, Matsuda asks in concern, "Is everything all right with Light-kun?"

As he looks at Matsuda, the detective wonders if there is more than just concern for the boss' son. Tilting his head to study the other man, he finds his insides on fire. Why does he feel this way? Is he jealous of Matsuda? That is impossible. After all, the only thing between him and Light is sex and nothing more. Okay, so he might be lying a bit there, but he isn't going to state that he has fallen for the teenager. It will affect his decisions which some of it already has. With a mental shrug, he pushes all those thoughts away and demands, "Everyone please take a seat and listen closely because I will say this only once." This should be a very interesting discussion even if he can't even wrap his mind around the idea of what is going on.

When his men take a seat, Yagami sits down too and asks, "What is going on with my son?"

While flopping onto his chair in his normal position, L sighs out, "Well first you have to hold back on your emotions, Yagami-san." When he gains a few glares, he watches his toes and explains, "You all know Yagami-kun requested for a doctor and tests since he has been sick for the past two weeks. He has received the tests results which he and I both agree that it will be checked over again. Maybe by a different doctor this time around."

Aizawa asks in an annoyed voice, "Why?"

Looking up at everyone, L just blurts it out, "For the fact that those tests state Yagami-kun is pregnant." The expressions on everyone's face is very amusing but he keeps his face blank. There is no way he will show that he thinks this is funny. It might back fire and the others will think he is joking about this.

As he stands up quickly, Yagami yells, "Are you joking with us about my son!?"

With a tilt of his head, L replies in a flat voice, "I would never joke on such a matter. If you do not believe my word, I could get the test results for Yagami-san."

Aizawa mumbles in shock, "It isn't possible."

While grabbing the desk to hold himself in reality, Matsuda asks out loud, "Who the hell knocked Light-kun up?"

As he turns his head toward Matsuda, L glares openly at the other man. If he wasn't sure before, he is now. It would seem Matsuda has some kind of crush on his Light. Blinking his eyes, he thinks, "I did not just thought Light to be mine. Oh god, I did."

Glaring at Matsuda, the police chief asks with a growl, "If it is true, then who has been with my son to have this happen?"

While turning to look at Yagami, the detective tilts his head to study the reaction. This is not going to turn out very well. If Kira isn't going to kill him, then it would seem Yagami will. Biting his thumb, he responds with a question, "How old is your son, Yagami-san?"

As he blinks his eyes in confusion, Yagami answers, "Eighteen, but you know that already."

With a nod of his head, L remarks, "So I do and Yagami-kun would legal to be with someone without permission." When everyone stares at him with a confused expression, he states, "So, I will not answer your question. It would be Yagami-kun's decision to reveal that fact."

Yagami demands, "Then I would like to see my son."

L refuses, "That cannot be allowed at the moment."

Yagami raises his voice, "Why not!?"

As he stares straight into Yagami's eyes, L flat out tells the other, "Because Yagami-kun is now under my care until all facts are perfectly clear. Also, he is resting which he needs more than any more stress." While the others stare between the two, he stands up and threatens, "At this moment, if any of you try to speak to Yagami-kun without my permission, I will kick you off of the Kira case and you can return to your regular jobs."

Aizawa growls out, "You can't do that."

L states, "Oh but I can and will if need be. You have forgotten I run the Kira case."

In the bedroom, Light turns over to feel nothing but coldness. As he pulls L's pillow toward his chest, he mumbles, "I wonder what will happen now. The others should know about me being Kira at a time." With that last thought, he closes his tired eyes and lets sleep take over him.

As he looks around to find it sunny and warm, Light begins to feel nervous. Wasn't he in the bedroom? How did he get outside? While scanning the area, he finds himself alone. Somehow that makes his heart beat faster. When he hears a soft noise behind him, he turns around quickly to find himself back in the headquarters with L working on the computer like always. As he takes a step forward, he sighs out, "L." All he gains is silence. Why won't the other respond? He tries to get the older man to speak to him by calling out once again.

Finally, L speaks up, "This is very troubling."

Standing there, Light asks, "What is troubling? Did you find something about Kira?"

L sighs loudly and turns to look at the empty chair. With a tilt of his head, he mumbles, "Why could you not just stop, Yagami-kun? Why did you have to continue with it?"

Light questions, "What did I continue?" When silence greets him, he yells, "L, tell me!" Before he can step forward, he finds darkness around the entire place.

L gives a bitter smile and whispers, "So you came after all, Yagami-kun."

As he tries to grab L, the teenager feels nothing but deep coldness. Spinning around to find a darkness right beside L, he yells, "L, get away! Run!" Of course his words fall to deaf ears. While trying to pull L, he finds the other unmoving. Why is this happening? What is happening? Why does he fear it so much?

A dark voice chuckles out, "Did you really believe my words, L? Did you really believe I loved you?"

Light stares in horror of him standing right in front of L with a knife. As he shakes his head, he mumbles, "This isn't real. This can't be real." Opening his eyes, he stares at himself to see the other him has gained weight.

L mumbles, "So true, Kira-kun. I did not believe it for a second. You lie. You cheat. You are nothing but a coward."

The voice rings out loudly, "How do you think of that, L?"

L states firmly, "Because you used our child to win. Such a low thing to do, Yagami-kun. No Kira-kun."

As he collapses to his knees, Light screams out loud to find his other self stab L in the heart. Everything turns black and cold. With blurry eyes, he finds everything in ruins and dead. It is lifeless and numb. Shaking his head, he yells out, "L! L! L!"

Feeling a shake, Light struggles against this unknown enemy and yells, "NO! LEAVE ME ALONE, KIRA!"

As he puts his full body weight onto the young man, L calls out, "Light. Wake up." When honey eyes look at him in confusion, he stares down to make sure the other will not harm any of them. Pulling back slightly, he asks, "What were you dreaming?"

While the images of the dream fly before his eyes, Light lies, "I don't remember." Why does he keep it bottled up? Maybe it has to do with this man wants him to be Kira. Is he really Kira or not? Could he be framed for all of this? As he looks over every piece of evidence he has seen, he knows very well that he was once Kira. Why can't he remember any of it? Is something very wrong with him for him to think the world would be better off with the criminals dying? Turning his head to stare at nothing, he asks, "What will happen to me?"

Sitting up, L responds with a question, "What does Yagami-kun mean?"

As he turns to look at the detective with a glare, Light growls, "I mean me being Kira at one time. You have told the team already. So, what happens to me?"

L replies, "I did not tell them that. I told them you are pregnant or at least what the results states. I did not relate it to the Kira case." As he bites his thumb, he mumbles, "Your father wants to speak with you but I have made it clear to them all that they will not speak with you unless they have my permission first."

While blinking his eyes in confusion, Light remarks, "You are being a fool. I could kill you any given second."

The detective states, "That is true, but Yagami-kun carries my child. I would be harming my own fresh blood if I were to give Yagami-kun up."

As the dream comes to him again, Light yells, "But you can't do that! You are L! You have to turn me in!" Panic is racing wild in him and he doesn't know why. Shouldn't he be happy that he will be living? Shouldn't he be thanking any god that is listening that he will be safe? Why are his emotions coming out in the open? They always did in front of this man. Only this person could bring out everything that he hid behind a mask.

When he studies the younger man closely, L knows that the other remembers the dream very well. Why would Light hide that information? Unless it was because of harm coming to one of them. As he tilts his head to see the teenager shaking almost like he is cold, he asks, "What does Yagami-kun feel about this? What does Yagami-kun feel about carrying a child that by all logic should not be possible?"

Turning his head away from those all knowing orbs, Light snaps out, "What is it to you? You don't give a damn about me." Why did he say that? Does he feel betrayed knowing the truth about L? Yes, it is true that he admires the great detective. All his life, he desired to be like L but he didn't have a way to do that. For the fact, his family never understood how far his mind went. They might have known he was smart but he never revealed how smart he was. Only a few times did his father catch on how much his genius mind went but never encouraged it. L was the first person who saw it and encourage him onward. For the first time in all his life he felt at ease.

As he stands up, L replies, "You are once again wrong on all accounts. I have told you countless times that you are my first friend and I meant that." When the teenager refuses to look at him, he sighs out, "Your father does not know anything that happened between us. I will leave that up to you to reveal or not."

While looking back at the odd man, who he can't stop admiring, Light mumbles, "You are going back to work." It is a statement, not a question. Some part of him wants L to be near him all the time but he refuses to voice that out. Is it from fear of nightmares or is it his fear of not knowing what will happen?

When he notices the fear cross those beautiful eyes, the detective remarks, "I can bring a laptop in here to work." When honey orbs look hopeful, he points out, "Your father still wishes to talk to you. I am not incline of getting socked for impregnating you though."

As a small chuckle escapes his lips, Light responds, "I can understand that, but I have to tell him something. If you don't want me to reveal it is you, I can lie." Bringing the blankets up more, he reveals, "I never told anyone that I am attracted to men and I am not sure how my father will respond to that information."

With a look at the ceiling, L comments, "I will have Watari stand in until you discuss what you need with your father."

Light mumbles, "Thanks, but you will come in after the talk, right?" Why is he showing this side in the opening? This is nothing like himself and he really should be pushing the older man away from him at all costs. That way he will not get hurt in the end of all this.

L states, "Yes, I will return. I must gather some things to work in here." When he gains a small nod, he leaves the room. He will be watching this discussion in the monitoring room. As he enters the main room, he finds Watari standing there with a deep frown. With a shrug of his shoulders to tell his care taker it has happened and nothing can be done to undo these events, he speaks up, "Yagami-san, Yagami-kun would like to speak with you now. Watari will be going with you."

With a raised eyebrow, Yagami questions coldly, "Why?"

L answers truthfully, "I cannot trust your judgement will be stable and harm will not be fall on Yagami-kun. Watari will take you now." Without waiting for a heated response, he heads toward the monitoring room.

In the bedroom, Light prepares for the talk between him and his father. When he hears the door open, he looks over to find like L said Watari with his father. As the old man gives a soft look at him, he feels some relief overcome him. Watching Yagami sit down, he begins, "L is not lying about any of this. Of course we are going to have the tests redone just in case it was a mistake to start off with."

Yagami asks, "Why is it 'we' and not just you?"

Holding onto his emotions tightly and refusing to even show them to his father, Light answers, "Because L and I both agree that this has something to do with the Kira case." When his father looks ready to stand up, he continues, "It is impossible for a man to get pregnant and still the results show I am. L and I have the same theory about it. We both think it was some kind of effect to Kira. If I was Kira, I could had some kind of side effect from it."

Yagami growls out, "But you are not Kira and never have been."

As he looks at Yagami, the teenager points out, "L believed all this time I was Kira and now I would have agree with him." Before his father can say anything, he goes on, "The way the case began and how the murders were set up, it all points to myself. Every little piece of evidence points to me. If I was in L's shoes, I would think the same thing." From the corner of his eye, he notices Watari taking a step forward. It seems all wrong that the detective will go this far to protect him even if it is only because of the child that lives inside of him. Taking a deep breath, he mumbles, "This is all the more that proves I was at one time Kira."

Yagami asks in a raised voice, "How the hell did you become pregnant?"

Without even looking at his father but instead staring at the wall in front of him, Light remarks, "That is not hard to figure out, father. To get pregnant, you would have to have sex, which I did have a few times." When he pushes the blankets off, he stands up and faces his father.

As his hands form into fists, the police chief questions, "Who did you sleep with?"

While noticing the lost control within Yagami's voice, Light states the final blow, "I'm gay. I have been for as long as I remember. I am not attracted to any women at all. You figure out who I slept with and who the father is." When Watari steps by his side, he gives a small nod of his thanks for the old man being here with him. As he sees the glare and anger within his father, he loses it, "I am not perfect like every damn person thinks I am!"

Yagami yells, "I never said you were! I have never told you that you had to be prefect! I raised you better..."

As he glares at his father openly, Light responds, "Wrong. You weren't there to raise me. Your work was more important than your family." When he sees Yagami step back surprised, he continues, "You don't know me. Neither does mom or Sayu for that matter. I hide all of it behind a mask. It was better that way instead of trying to explain every little thing. Play a part so I don't feel left out." Before he can go on, he feels his legs weak and grabs onto Watari for support.

Helping the teenager to the bed, Watari states, "I believe this discussion is over." When he feels a heated glare on his back, he ignores Yagami and orders, "You need to eat, Yagami-kun. I will bring something up for you." As Light nods his head but refuses to look him in the eye, he pulls the police chief out the door. After the door is shut and locked, he turns to look at Yagami and replies, "You will do nothing more to upset Yagami-kun. Even if you do turn your own son in, L or I will not back up your statements or hand over proof on this matter. At this moment, Yagami-kun is now fully under our care. Figure out a way to explain that to your family."

Yagami accuses, "You knew all this time what was happening between them."

As he stares at Yagami, Watari answers, "Of course I did. I monitor all things in this building."

Yagami asks, "Why didn't you stop it?"

Watari responds, "For the fact neither of them said no to their actives, I felt no need to interfere between a personal matter. They are both young adults and they can make their own choices."

As he rubs his nose, Yagami points out, "That could have been something L set up to put false ideas in my son's head about him being Kira. I can turn him in on that alone."

From the end of the hallway, L speaks up, "Then please do if you think that is the best course of action. If Yagami-kun does not back up your word, your case will be greatly flawed. Yagami-kun can leave if he wishes at any time."

Yagami remarks, "But if he does, you will turn him in. So you are directly giving him no choice."

Walking over to the door hunched, L opens the door and questions the teenager who is looking over at him, "Yagami-kun, do you feel that I am forcing you to stay here?"

From the bed, Light answers, "No. I am staying here on my own free will."

Before the police chief can comment, L asks another question, "Do you fear that if you state that you wish to leave that I will turn you in on the charge of being Kira?"

On the bed, Light stares straight into black eyes to figure out all these questions. Of course, he figures it has something to do with his father. As he finds something deep within those eyes, he answers firmly, "I have no fear you turning me in if I refuse to stay. I am staying on my own free will." That is right. There is no fear because it will not happen. If this whole pregnancy is real, he knows the detective will never risk his life in fear of risking the child's life. He could begin to kill again and do it right in front of L and nothing will happen to him. After giving birth is what he fears the most. What will happen to him then? He will not voice those thoughts out.

Shutting the door, L turns to face Light's father and firmly states, "That is end of the discussion. Do as you would like, but I will not support any of it." When he turns to Watari, he requests, "Could you please inform the doctor about what we need and bring some food up for Yagami-kun?"

Watari replies, "Of course."

After watching Watari leave them alone, L mumbles, "I really do like Yagami-san. If Yagami-san keeps interfering, then I will be forced to put my foot down." Without saying another word, he walks inside to find Light sitting up in the bed. As he shuts the door behind him, he hunches over to the bed and questions, "Are you all right, Light?"

Light ignores the question and requests, "Let me still help on this case." As he gains a look, he explains, "It is my fault that there is a Third Kira running lose. The least I can do is help catch him." When he feels lips against his, he wraps his arms around the detective. Somehow this feels so right even if it is so very wrong. They shouldn't be doing this. As he lays on his back and feels the older man leaning over him, he throws all his fears and doubts out the door. Maybe, just maybe he can show this man he isn't some kind of monster even if he believes it himself. Is this to convince L or himself? When he feels a warm hand slide up his shirt, he moans into the kiss. While watching the other man, he knows this is to cast all emotions away even if it will only be for a little while. Maybe what he wants the most is someone to understand him.

While running his tongue against white teeth, L pushes the shirt up even more to feel the soft smooth tan skin. Why is he doing this? This shouldn't be happening. But it already happened, so what is the point of not doing it again? As he catches a small moan, he knows this could all be a trap and could lead to his death. So, why doesn't he care about getting killed? When he pulls back from the heated kiss, he finds a flushed face. What lead to this? How did this ever happen? Could it be he was far too lonely for his own good? As he sits up, he speaks up, "Watari will be here soon with some food for you."

As he continues to stare at the detective, Light vows, "I swear I will never harm you, L." Why is he making promises that he isn't sure he can keep? Never before he made promises that he didn't know he could keep. How can this one man bring so many different things out of him?

L comments, "Yagami-kun should not make promises that Yagami-kun might not be able to keep."

Light asks, "Don't you care I could kill you?"

L answers right away, "No."

As his eyes widen to hear such words, Light wants to demand answers but shuts his mouth. There is no point in discussing anything else. While watching the detective sit on the other side of the bed, he asks, "Can I help with catching the Third Kira?"

When Watari brings in the requested food, L answers, "I do not think that will be best." As he gains a nod, he grabs his laptop that Watari brought in for him. While opening the systems, he mumbles, "But you can help me in here." Gaining a confused look from the teenager, he explains, "I still have to make my appearances to the other members. It would not be a good idea for you to be around them right now. So, you can help me looking for information while I am in here."

Before any other words are spoken, Watari mentions, "On the topic of the task force. They are demanding to speak with you."

As he sets the lap top down, L sighs deeply and mumbles under his breath, "This is why I prefer not dealing with anyone."

Watching the detective leave the room, Light stares at the soup and crackers. As he watches Watari walking around and picking up the mess L left, he questions, "What do you think of all this, Watari-san?" Why is he asking this question? What does it matter? The old man should hate him for what he has done and whatever he planned to do. After all, Kira wants L dead and he was Kira. So, doesn't that mean he wanted L dead? Why does it hurt his chest to think of the detective gone from this world?

While picking up some dirty clothes and putting them in a pile to get cleaned, Watari answers, "It is not my business to interfere between the personal affairs between you or L." When he turns to look at the young man, he continues, "If one of you said 'no' or 'stop', I would have stepped in but that did not happen."

Light asks, "Don't you have your thoughts about L being with someone like me?" Why is he sharing these doubts to someone he has no clue about? Why is he doubting everything now? Never before has he doubted himself like this. Always seeing a bright future but never knowing what it truly would be like. A future of doing what his father does is something he wanted. No. That isn't right. The thing he desired most was to become something like L.

Watari asks, "And who would you be, Yagami-kun?" When the young man stares at him, he points out, "You are a very intelligent young man who is on the same level has L. He does not feel the need to explain himself to you ever."

Light states, "That isn't what I meant and you know that."

Watari answers in a kind voice, "If you are referring to the Kira case and you once being him, I can say it does make me uneasy with L being by your side." Before the teenager can speak up, he continues, "As I said before, it is not my place to speak up on such matters. L is no child and he can make his own choices."

While staring at the soup, Light mumbles out his question, "Are you being nice to me because of L?"

With a small kind smile, Watari reveals, "Not at all, Yagami-kun." When those soft eyes look at him, he speaks up, "Yes, part of the reason is because of L, but there is more. I understand how it must have felt for you to never show anyone how intelligent you are. It must have been horrible to know that you pass most people including your own family but felt the need to never show them who you really are."

As those words hit to close for comfort, Light asks, "How did you know?"

Side stepping the question, Watari retorts, "You should eat the soup before it gets cold. Now, you must take care of yourself." As he picks up the pile of clothes, he mentions, "The doctor will come to see you in an hour." With those words, he leaves the young man to his own devices. Light reminds him of himself at that age too much that it is hard to stand and do nothing. As he shakes his head a little, he heads down the hall to do some chores.

In the main room, L sits hunched and watches everyone stare at him like he has lost his mind. Maybe he has or maybe he hasn't. Who is it to say who is insane and who isn't? As he tilts his head, he speaks up to end the long silence, "You wanted to talk to me but none of you are speaking up."

As he watches the Chief not saying a word but glaring at the detective, Aizawa questions, "Will Light-kun be returning to work? Is Light-kun still a suspect to you?"

Taking a seedless cherry from its bowl, L shoves it in his mouth. As he pulls out the stem tied into a tight knot, he answers carefully, "Well, that would depend on Yagami-kun if he returns to work. He does wish to continue to help catch the Third Kira." When he gains a harsh glare from Yagami, he continues on, "As for Yagami-kun still being my suspect, that is still in question."

Matsuda points out, "You still haven't explained how this is possible or if it is true, who is the father."

As he tilts his head to watch Matsuda carefully, L questions, "Why does Matsuda-san want to know who is the father?" When he finds the said man blushing, he sighs out, "Put two and two together, Matsuda-san. It is not that hard to figure it out."

Mogi speaks up for the first time since hearing any of this, "You are the father."

Turning to look at the quiet man, L mumbles, "Well that would be logically. I am the only person around Yagami-kun twenty-four hours."

When he looks between the chief and L, Aizawa realizes why his boss is pissed about the whole thing. As he turns his head to look straight at the detective, he brings up the topic, "Wouldn't that be a conflict of interest here?"

L answers, "No. Why do you think that, Aizawa-san?" Yes, he knows why it was asked. It does bring up a conflict of interest but he refuses to show that right now. The only thing that can turn this into a huge mess is if Yagami reveals the information about Light once being Kira. As he looks over at the police chief to notice that might happen soon, he points out, "Yagami-kun and I are very different than the rest of you."

With a deep growl, Aizawa asks coldly, "What do you mean by that?"

Giving a small smile, L remarks, "We have an intelligent mind that surpasses most people in this room alone the world. We deal with emotional things very differently too."

In the bedroom, Light sets the tray on the night stand. As he listens to the clock tick away, he sighs in a bored manner. It would be good if he had something to do while stuck in the bedroom all day long. While he stares down at the watch his father gave him, he thinks, "I really did lose it on him. I have never done that before." As his fingers play around with it, he watches it snap open. With a sudden gasp of surprise, he stares at the piece of paper in wonder. What could this be? Why does he have a piece of paper stuffed inside his watch? When he takes it out, memories flash before his eyes. All the murders. All his plans. Everything he desired to become and the reason behind it all. While the memories keep flooding his mind, he can't stop the scream ripping out of his mouth. Falling onto his knees, he gasps in breathes to calm his entire body from all the information. When the door is slammed open, he looks up with red eyes and thinks, "L. I have you now."

Staring at the kneeling man, L thinks, "Kira, you have returned."

Notes: I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. Please tell me what you think about it. Hope I got the characters well.


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