July 3rd, 2017


Hey everyone

No posts since 2011. Seems about right. What is expected when no one is actively providing boosts and coverage for you guys... But there is still a good amount of people here despite it being dead for a long while. I apologize as a mod for disappearing for a long time and not doing my part to either maintain or keep up the place.

Well, if there are still people around. Let's see what we can do to liven this place up more.

I can't exactly do contests as I no longer have my DJ collection... perished with my old computer. With the recent announcements to more Death Note things coming out. I think we can anticipate a revival. (maybe.)

I myself operate more on tumblr but check every once and while back here. so...

Is anyone excited for the new movie, or feelings, thoughts. Share. Is it not what anyone is anticipating or share the same thoughts as I do that it takes away a certain level from what was Death Note?