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Contestants by the 25th please choose the picture you want to use for your winning piece. There are many wonderful entries but you must pick THE one you think will win the whole thing for you.

A reminder on what is on the line 30 doujins. Since both Batty_angel and amochan8878 both submitted for Chinese New year they both get ten automatic regardless if either of them lose. I will have a list available to you both when the contest is over. If there is anyone that is thinking on entering at the last minute please post your entries now. For those that want in on a bonus be sure to just have Scorpio done if you do I'll give you 5 doujins.

Some other news while I'm here. I am thinking on opening sister branches of Seme_L on Y!gallery (Please note this one will be 18+ because of the content.) and on deviantart. and expand the club.

Without further delay please have those entries ready. Judging will begin on Thursday.

Good luck and happy creations LoveLies!

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