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New Fic!!

A Deathnote fic : L has known a few facts in life, he was a detective, Light Yagami was Kira and BB was evil, what happens when some of these facts aren't so right anymore?

Disclaimer : I dont own deathnote or any of its characters I mean cause really two guys that look that much alike inspire not so pure thoughts in my mind

Warnings : Swearing with a dash of violence and a whole lot of smut

Tapping the pencil against the desk L watched the screens closely. All the other members of the Kira task force kept sneaking glances at the detective, but he acted like he didn’t notice them. Okay to be honest he was out right ignoring them; he had been doing so since Watari informed him of the news this morning. Hearing someone clear their throat, he switched his gaze from the monitor to the occupants of the room only to find them all staring at him.

“Is there a particular reason for the sudden interest in my appearance?” he inquired dryly, he was in no mood to play the pleasant host not when he was coming.

“What are you waiting for Ryuuzaki?” inquired Light

Swinging his gaze back to the screen he considered the question before answering

“I am waiting for an old acquaintance of mine,” he mumbled biting his thumb as the doors to the lobby slid open and Watari entered the building followed closely by a hooded figure. What was Watari thinking! B was not someone to trust much less turn your back on and the old man should know better, regardless of the fact that it seemed like the younger man had changed he wasn’t so easily fooled.

“I would advise you all to keep a minimum of five to ten feet between yourself and my acquaintance at all times,” he muttered as he moved to collect the handcuffs from a nearby table.

“Why, is he sick or something?” chirped Matsuda excitedly

“If having the sudden urge to strangle and disembowel people on a whim is a sickness,” L began scanning the room for any objects that could be used as a weapon, when he could see nothing he turned back to the room only to find them all starring at him again “No worries, I will have him handcuffed to me at all times,” he countered swiftly.

Just as Light appeared to be about to object the door swung open and Watari walked in before holding it open behind him, smiling at the room he turned back to the corridor.

“B please don’t be childish” he whispered to the person outside

A muttered response could be heard and L used the distraction to slip to the side of the room closer to the shadows. He wanted to observe B’s reactions without him seeing him.

“There will be a jar of Jam in it for you if you do come inside,” Watari coaxed as he stepped back to allow the person more space.

“Strawberry?” the person asked hopefully and L cringed. B sounded like a child, the once dark and tainted voice now seemed sad and airy like a child who had been forced away from his home and was not sure he wanted to be there.

“Certainly B you shall have a jar of strawberry jam but you must come inside first,” Watari explained “And besides L is here don’t you want to see him?”

“No!” Beyond replied

“You don’t want to see L?” asked Watari puzzled, what had happened to the young boy seemed to have been enough to break his spirit and completely change his character, before the simple mention of L would be enough to get him to do almost anything but now Watari could see the pain reflected in his blood red eyes.

“He will not wish to see me, if you wanted me to come into the room you didn’t need to mention L I was going to do it because of the jam,” B announced as he literally flew by Watari only pausing for a second to glance around the room then darting of down the corridor towards the kitchen.

Closing the door Watari shook his head and chuckled “I apologize for his behaviour I shall retrieve him,” he informed the room only to have L stop him

“Let me,” he whispered leaving a shocked Watari in his wake

Entering the kitchen L stilled as he watched Beyond open the fridge and take out a jar of jam. Placing it on the table he removed his cloak and L barely managed to withhold his gasp of surprise. It seemed that during his time in incarceration B had given up on copying his idol. His hair was the brilliant red it had been when he had first met him, his pale skin gleamed in the fluorescent light cast by the bulb above his head. He was dressed in a dark blue shirt that covered him completely, he appeared to be wearing gloves of some sort and he had on simple black jeans. Walking further into the room L cleared his throat to capture B’s attention. The sound seemed to startle the other because he jumped back and stared wide eyed at him, at that moment it was almost impossible to imagine that the youth before him had killed many times over.

“Beyond, you appear well.” L whispered to break the silence

“Y-yes,” B stuttered

“Hmm, well since you are to remain here I’m afraid you and I will need to be cuffed together,” he told him holding out the handcuffs before him, smirking as the ex-murderer flinched slightly “You don’t want to be cuffed to me do you B? No, you would rather be free to slit all our throats while we sleep,” he mused as he slammed the door behind him, his anger displayed clearly in the vibrating frame as he approached his successor. B had snapped out of his self imposed trance and stepped back to avoid L.

“I-I d-d-don’t” he began

“Oh don’t try to play that one with me Beyond!” L snarled, he knew what he was doing was uncalled for but he couldn’t stop himself he was sick of being disappointed by the boy, as he grabbed for the others wrist he faintly noted the look of terror in B’s eyes before ignoring it completely.

“Don’t touch me!” B screamed shocking L into silence, as he backed away into a corner “Don’t touch me, don’t touch me, don’t touch me!” he whimpered as he collapsed in a bundle on the floor wrapping his arms around his legs and rocking back and forth he kept repeating the mantra.

Suddenly the door burst open and Watari rushed into the room pale faced and gaunt he stared from one to the other, before grabbing the jar of jam form the counter and kneeling before B.

“Beyond its ok,” he whispered as he placed the jar before him “Its alright you’re safe here no one will do anything to you,”

“I want to go home Mr Wammy,” B whispered “Momma says a nice long bath takes all the dirty things away but I washed and washed and they’re still there, they wont go away. I’m weak, so stupid. Dirty little Backup only good for one thing right? I killed them, I couldn’t stop myself I killed them and that’s why…” he trailed off

“Shh B here’s your jam I’m going to speak with L for a bit just stay here,” Watari told him as he stood and drug a shell shocked L outside the kitchen door.

“What is wrong with him?” L asked staring at the closed door

“Hmm that’s difficult to explain fully, you do remember what I told you about his eyes somehow forcing him to commit the murders that he did?” Watari sighed “Well we did not know that at the time so after you caught him and he was sent to the prison we paid little attention to his progress. But it seems at sometime in there someone happened to get there hands on a picture of you, and because it was a prison which consisted of mainly criminals you had put away and B has such a remarkable resemblance to you,” Watari gazed at him with sorrow ridden eyes

“What happened?” L asked turning to regard his keeper

“Simply put he experienced hell, the beatings came first Beyond is a strong lad but against twenty to fifty men he stood no chance, then the guards started noticing burn marks on his body, that was when they moved him to a more solitary part of the prison away from the others, but when he became withdrawn and refused to eat we were contacted,” taking a deep breath he carried on “Roger was the one who watched the tapes to see what had caused this behaviour, he said he couldn’t eat for days afterwards he was sick to his stomach.”

“What was it, Watari?” L insisted

“The guard tortured him, over and over all the while asking where his precious L was. Why wasn’t he here to save him? It seemed you put away his lover in the past and he couldn’t think of a better way to get back at you but to inflict pain upon the one who he thought to be your lover. Two days later the criminals started dying dropping like flies. And he would just sit there in his room giggling and talking to himself and now he’s here.” He finished “he is not the BB you used to know Ryuuzaki and though that may difficult for you to accept he has changed and after what he has gone through I think he deserves a second chance.” He told L before returning to the kitchen. Standing there L couldn’t believe what he had heard at first he hadn’t cared but when Watari had mentioned the guard torturing B for a second his chest had tightened and he had seen red, after this was all through he was going to pay a little visit to that particular guard he thought maliciously and he was going to show the bastard true hell! Beyond may be a monster but he was L’s to control no one else should touch him! A crash from within the kitchen brought him out of his musings. Bursting through the doors he had to hold back a chuckle. Watari was standing at one end of the kitchen glaring at a jam covered B, it seemed that he had found the stash of jam and during their talk on the outside he had taken it upon himself to empty them all. It was at that moment that the rest of the task force came running to see what the commotion was about. Catching sight of the others B shot behind Watari only peeking his head over the older mans shoulder to glance suspiciously at the group.

“Beyond, come here,” L smiled softly at his antics

B regarded L for a minute as if to gauge his intentions only to have Watari shift leaving him out in the open. Slowly he made his way over to L stopping a good distance from him and glaring openly.

“I apologize for earlier B now would you stop glaring at me, I doubt it will make me disappear,” he chuckled as he heard the collective gasps from the members behind him, he laughed inwardly they had never heard him apologize to anyone before so they must have been shocked

“Pervert,” B scoffed as he watched L hold out the cuffs towards him again, but this time he made no attempt to escape the other watching closely as L closed one around his wrists before attaching the other to himself.

Ignoring the remark L turned to the rest of the taskforce “This is my associate Beyond,” he informed them noting the way the colour drained from their faces

“B-B-beyond?” stuttered Matsuda “As in the LABB murders Beyond?”

“Is he usually this slow?” B inquired cocking his head to regard the poor detective.

“So these are the ones who are helping you catch Kira?” he asked looking at the members before pausing at Light and tilting his head, stepping forward he stared at the teenager before muttering “78% probability too much to be discounted, why isn’t it there though?” he muttered to himself oblivious to the stares he was receiving as he glanced around the room. Grabbing his jar of jam he began eating it again lost in his own little world.

“Ryuuzaki, what is he doing here? He’s a murderer!” shouted Light; he had been unnerved by the way the man had stared at him. It reminded him of looking at Ryuk; the same intelligence laced with insanity was reflected in his red eyes.

“There is not need to shout Light-kun,” L informed him watching the boy suck the jam from his fingers out of the corner of his eye. “Beyond is here because it is necessary”

“Why does he look like you Ryuuzaki?” Matsuda inquired staring at the young man and then back to L

“I saw a man who wasn’t there,” B muttered staring off into the distance

“Heh, I believe in his own odd way he just answered your question Matsuda, Beyond simply used to copy me when he was younger and at some part our looks became extremely similar,” he responded before turning back to B “Beyond would you like to assist with my case?”

“Do you not know who he is?” B asked, when L shook his head he stepped closer to him scrutinizing the detective “Give me more jam and I might consider telling you then,” he informed him giggling madly

“You young man are not having any more jam today!” Watari spoke up when he heard the request

“But Watari without jam I cant think properly and if I cant think properly I cant help L and then Kira will kill more people and all because you wouldn’t let me have jam,” he protested

“No!” Watari responded

Blinking rapidly Beyond suddenly sat down on the floor.

“I won’t move from here until I get jam!” he informed them

Sighing L stooped before the boy who turned his face to avoid eye contact. Arching his brow at the behaviour L smirked, springing forward he grabbed B’s waist and hoisted him over his shoulder before standing and heading back towards the task room.

Kicking and squealing Beyond struggled to escape before groaning and going still.

“Is he really a murderer?” Matsuda whispered as they followed the two them out of the kitchen

“Want me to demonstrate?” B smirked as the man paled considerably, glancing over to Light his smirk turned devious “Hi Kira,” he called.

L froze at the words as he let B down and turned to look at the boy “What did you say?” he asked

“I was telling Kira hello, it’s not nice to ignore people just because they are murderers,” he responded glibly

“Why do you think Light-kun is Kira?” L inquired B had just met the young man there was no way he could have known

“Give me jam and Ill tell you,” B countered looking extremely proud of himself until he caught sight of Light approaching him. Darting behind L he watched the teenager “I don’t like him! Make him go away! Its not his time so I cant hurt him but if he touches me I will hurt him, not kill just a bad ouchie,” he informed L before pausing “Perhaps Ill break your hands Light-kun that wouldn’t be nice now would it?” he drawled starring at the boy stepping closer he whispered in his ear “You need your hands to do the bad things don’t you? I know and he knows,” he giggled glancing at a spot behind the group before stepping back and smiling at Light “Be careful Light-kun you may be the wolf in sheep’s clothing but I am something much worse,” he smirked before turning back to L “Please may I have more jam?” he begged pouting

Glancing from B to Light, he smiled “You may just get that jam later after all B,” he told him, as he headed towards the task room once again. Beyond had seen something in Light that he had immediately recognized and that comment about his hands, he would speak to B about this later.
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