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The Trump Card

.:`down Raito, it's not feeding time yet`:.

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Seme L
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This community is for the fangirls/fanboys who know better then to think that the high school teachers pet Raito Yagami is seme. His little note book isn't going to save him from the strong boney fingers of the cool and collective 'Go To Man' L when he yanks it out of his hands. What are you gonna do Raito? Have a little sissy fit and cry into your pillow! *shoves him into the wall* He's such a BITCH >_>; *clears throat* Anyway, L knows how to use a range of guns (not just with his hands but probably with his feet too! :D) which makes this sweet-toothed detective seme even more profound. After all ;) Raito is the sweetest little thing. Purify this world from evil LITTLE MISS GOODY TWO SHOES!

Anything seme L related or uke Raito related is welcome!

All yaoi pairings just remember L is seme and Raito is Uke.

We are affiliated with the Bound Prince page run by the wonderful flagfish She has been on this project since she got the game. Translating and issuing a translated page monthly to two months at a time. You can find this game translated here. http://www.tegmentum.net/dnbpt1.html Note this site has adult materials you are warned I cannot stop you however from viewing but you as a person are solely responsible.

We are affiliated with death_note, bb_anothernote, beyondxbirthday, kiraversusl dn_discussion rxl_fans meaningless_ll

Affiliations outside of livejournal.
Church-Of-L from Deviant Art http://church-of-l.deviantart.com/
and yoshikawa_kamri's site.

Justice Will Prevail!
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