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Writer/artist Challenge theme.

I was thinking late last night and decided to put together a list of colors with a list of pairings for L. There is no real prize for this just a challenge.

You can be an artist for a pairing and you can have a written work for a pairing. pair up with someone to do a particular pairing or whatever floats for you.

This is Seme_L and (correct me if I am wrong.) we can have other pairings besides L x Raito? I have put together a list of names and a color that goes with that pairing. You are free to go from G rated to full blown NC-rating R rating and higher please be behind an Lj-cut for fiction work and art.

Two per pairing one for writing and one for art. comment to this post to claim a pairing please. ^^

This could go in with Nano if you would like. but all in all have fun.

Oh and please remember L is Seme!

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