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Voting Time!

Alright the entries are officially closed! So if you had something to submit for the contest you are too late.

Now lets begin the voting!

dark_waterlily is submitting her tale 6 All Hallo's Eve (aka Happy Birthday to Me.)

You can vote on the whole doujinshi since that is her entry.

batty_angel is submitting her work Bats.

dark_waterlily - L x Light - Doujinshi - All Hallo's Eve - http://community.livejournal.com/seme_l/34693.html

batty_angel - L x Mello - fanart - Bats -http://community.livejournal.com/seme_l/30028.html

Now for the voting. This entry will be screened to hide the voting and only on Halloween will everything be revealed the winners, what had the highest votes, ect ect. There is one vote per person to be fair. Contestants can vote for themselves or another contestant but only one of them will win.

The prize of course the prize will be a pick of either 10 for the winner or 9 for the runner up. I was hoping for more people but since there are only two contestants this year the both get a choice of 10 for participating in the contest and doing their best on the 31 word challenge.

I will have a list on Saturday of my doujin but only available to batty_angel and dark_waterlily.

Now lets begin the voting!

by the way day 28's theme is Zombie!

Happy Halloween!