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Contestants by the 25th please choose the picture you want to use for your winning piece. There are many wonderful entries but you must pick THE one you think will win the whole thing for you.

A reminder on what is on the line 30 doujins. Since both Batty_angel and amochan8878 both submitted for Chinese New year they both get ten automatic regardless if either of them lose. I will have a list available to you both when the contest is over. If there is anyone that is thinking on entering at the last minute please post your entries now. For those that want in on a bonus be sure to just have Scorpio done if you do I'll give you 5 doujins.

Some other news while I'm here. I am thinking on opening sister branches of Seme_L on Y!gallery (Please note this one will be 18+ because of the content.) and on deviantart. and expand the club.

Without further delay please have those entries ready. Judging will begin on Thursday.

Good luck and happy creations LoveLies!


Prize Pool.

Since I'm not that well know yet.
Here is an edit on the prize pool.

I basically said 15 doujins for the winner and 10 for runner up. The winner who has submitted for Valentines day/New years. Will get an additional 10 doujins. So if you are the winner of the entire contest and submitted... you get a total of 25. Runner up will still get their choice of 10 but if they too submit for V-day/New years they will get a 10 bonus too. I make sure everyone gets their shot. but here is a more in depth of what you could win and what I'll put up out of my own abilities.

Winner -
15 doujins of their choice. if completion of the bonus challenge they get an additional 10. (also if I personally really your submissions. I will put out of my own expense of maybe buying a commission work for you. Or write a story.)
So that is
15 - 25 doujins.
Chance to get your own commissioned work by an artist of my choice. (Trust me people I do know talented people.)
And a story.

10 doujins with an additional 10 if you complete the V-day/New years Challenge.
You will also get a chance for a commission depending on how tasteful your work is.
A story as well.

For participation.
basically those that submit something and don't win I'll be fair and give you all 5 doujins. For completion of the V-day / New years challenge.

If anyone has anything they could submit as prize pool I'll happily reimburse you somehow for doing this.

There will also be a special challenge and be sure to do it for an extra bonus. Make sure you get Scorpio done. L is one and I would hate to see L's own Zodiac not included.

With that said Happy Creations!

Yours truly
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Contest entries.

This post is for contestants. If you are joining please just comment below with a piece of work or if you are working on something reserve your spot.

How to post.

Title of work - Artist aka you - rating based on G to NC - Pairing.

We accept all pairings with the exception of Near or anyone below the age of 18 in any sexual manner. I can't stress this enough so please follow that rule. You can pair him as an older version above 18 or you can put him in something below the nc-17 ratings.

Please enjoy yourselves and have fun with writing or artwork!

Doujins, art, drabbles, ficlets, stories, anything is welcomed.

Remember there is a bonus for anyone who does Year of the Tiger for Valentines day/ New Years! an additional number of doujins on top of what I said I would give you.

Deadline remember is the 20th of February. Voting begins the same day and ends on the 27th. Winner will be announced on the 28th!

Without further delay LET THE CONTEST BEGIN!

Three month long contest anyone?

I've been giving it alot of thought and I am wondering who is all up for a three month long contest?

Happy Birthday to Mello by the way and anyone else that is a Sagittarius or Scorpio that I missed. Misa's birthday is coming up so if anyone wants to write special or draw special art for that feel free to do so.

If we do a three month contest we start it on the first of January and end it on the 31st of March. This will be an all out contest We have alot of Presidential birthdays in the first three months of a new year, Valentines Day, Saint Patricks, and New Years day of course. So what do you as fans want to do?

The prize will be 50 doujins out of my collection. Sound like a motivational piece?

So who is in?
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Contest information.

I have been giving it alot of thought and I will be holding an actual Halloween contest for our favorite Scorpio... Anything will go with this one. Costume art, to fanfiction. I am thinking I can do a word association and let people do collab work. One does the writing for a piece the other does the art.

You may work solo or in a group of people. I want to make this more interesting. I'll have more information and the official start of this contest around lets say... the 24th.

I can start it early for this month if you all want to get started. Just remember that the deadline for the contest itself is the 23rd of October. Voting deadline will be the 30th. Winner will be announced on the 31st at Midnight or the following day.

I hope to see participation! I'll have a 31 word list for those that need trigger word inspiration. Other than that have fun!

Christmas contest post.

Attention all people interested in the contests The 20th is the final day to get entries in for the Christmas contest if you have an entry please submit it. There are currently no entries and if there isn't at least two.. I am afraid I'll have to cancel the contest. This goes for the New Years one too. Entries for the New Year's contest end on the 29th. I'd really hate to have to cancel due to zero participants.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me.