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Christmas Entry Slot.

Alrighty this post will be for those that have Christmas entries. If you have something that you want to post from FFN feel free to post it in a comment here I will then add you to the main post with your name and entry/number.

I'll have another slot for New Years after this post.

December Contest.

I will be hosting another contest and it will start today instead of December 1st to grant you all more time. Anyway I was thinking that I'd like to do a Christmas theme contest. to New Years.. the winner of this one will be announced New Years day for the New year post.. and Christmas naturally will be on Christmas.

So get your art pens or writer pens and start on entries. Submissions will stop on the 20th of December Votes will Start on 20th voting stops 23rd.. winner will be announced for Christmas on Christmas.. The New Years one submissions must be in before December 26th voting starts on the 26th voting ends 29th winner is announced Midnight on January 1st.

I will have an art prize this time for the winners.. and a fanfiction choice for the winner.

There will be two slots for entries one for the Christmas entries and one for the New Years entries. All tos and rules apply to the contest.

Anyway I look forward to seeing everyones work. <3333

Contest post: Voting closed.

That is right voting has ended (an hour ago.) and we have ourselves a winner already. Winner will be announced on Halloween so please don't let anticipation kill anyone.

Alright please be patient and the announcement of the winner will be made at midnight directly on the crossover from 30th to 31st. and no Australian time does not grant you future power of who is the winner.

Pacific time. <3

With that said I will post later with the winner. <3

Contest update.

Note everyone we need at least two - three submissions for the contest. Submissions will stop being accepted on the 25th. Voting begins the 26th voting ends the 29th. Winner will be declared on the 31st. if you have a submission please enter it.

Official prize:

I will let the winner decide what they would like for a prize.

it is week three of the contest.

I look forward to seeing more submissions.