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Contest Entry Slots

This post is for the contestants and the 31 challenge. I hope to see you all post soon! If you have an entry that is outside of livejournal just post to this entry with a link to your entry. I will add it to here.

It will look like this.

Contestant -

#1 invidia1988 - Rain - http://azriel1988.deviantart.com/art/Rain-135022481

This was just a example the true contestants will be below.

Contestants -

31 Halloween Challenge -

I will list who has completed the 31 challenge in this list.

Other than all this please enjoy and happy arting, fictions, and whatever else you all can muster up!
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Contest open!

I think I will go ahead and launch the contest for October.

Attention all Seme!L fans! If you enjoy celebrating our favorite detective's birthday then you'll want to join or participate in the 31 challenge. In addition to the basic contest I will be adding a 31 word challenge. Whoever can complete all 31 words before or by the 31st gets a pick of five doujinshi from my collection.

The winner of the contest will get a pick of two this time, so if the winner completes the challenge on top of winning the main contest they get to pick seven. There are no limitations to who you pair L with but keep in mind of the content you will be posting. This contest will accept anything from G rated to adult.

However I cannot stress this fact enough no minors with an adult this would mean Near and L. If you want to add him in an AU setting and bump his age to 18 by all means feel free to do as you please. Anything with him being depicted lower than 18 and in a sexual situation that entry will be rejected. This will be one limitation I guess. but the others are all free game. Just one note. L is Seme!

So without further ado here are the 31 words for the challenge. You are free to be solo or you can work as a group. I will have my list of doujinshi available only to the winner on the 31st.

31 challengeCollapse )

Please enjoy and have fun!

If you want a word assigned to you feel free to ask me as well as a pairing if need be.