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Contest Entry

This is my first time entering a contest of any kind -.-; I hope I do well…


An idea that came to me after reading a marvellous Fanfiction going in depth on the Nobodies in Kingdom Hearts. So…well…couldn’t help myself XD It’s not a crossover, just taking some elements from the game. But anyway, I hope y'all enjoy it and for those who haven't played Kingdom Hearts before, Nobodies are beings who don't have hearts i.e. 'feelings', but Roxas and Axel showed that theory wrong!


Hope y’all enjoy!

Title: Halloween Special

Pairing: LxRaito

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I don’t own Kingdom Hearts or Death Note.

Summary: For the Seme_L contest on LJ. L remembered, before he was a Nobody, that there was a day called a ‘Birthday’ that he celebrated on the 31st of October. LxRaito. Based on KH2.

Word Count: 1’081

I remember you saying once that you liked confectionary before you became a NobodyCollapse )
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Official contest post.

Alright I am willing to liven up this place. So here I go!

~~~~~~Welcome to October!~~~~~~

It is the start of October L fans and you know what this month means. It is the start of the first official Seme_L contest. We will start this club off with a birthday oriented contest.

Standard terms of service apply.

All art goes behind a lj-cut, stories exceeding 2 paragraphs do too.

Stories marked with R and higher are lj cut regardless of length and locked warnings must be made in posts.

Artwork and stories depicting minors in sexual acts is prohibited. If art or stories contain such materials submissions will be rejected. You may however bump the age of character up to a more fitting age.

We at Seme_L appreciate all works and look forward.

Prize is: work in progress.. anyone have any ideas?

I am willing to offer up art, and stories as a prize.

Prize will be winners pick.

If anyone else wants to be part of Prize options I will repay you.

(Please let me know if I am doing a good job as a mod ni. x.x)


Deadlines are October 25th for submissions to be in by. Voting will begin the 26th. Winner will be announced on the 31st.

List of pairings in case some are confused or curious to know how far you may go.

L x Raito
L x Mello
L x Beyond Birthday
L x L (Yes this pairing exists.)
L x Near
L x Mikami
L x Aizawa
L x Matsuda
L x A
L x F
L x Aiber

Challenge pairings.

L x Soichiro
L x Watari
L x Hideki Ryuuga
L x Ryuuk

All entries can be posted to the main page of Seme L. Make sure to put in the title "Contest Entry."

I fail at lj cuts.