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LABB Event Final week!

It is the final week of the LABB event... so if you have anything you want to post go ahead... work in progress or finished. I'm sure no one is finicky.

I want to hear ideas for October. Should I hold the Halloween / birthday contest? or make it an event? The winner of the contest gets a crack at my Doujinshi vault. I have a little of everything so I'm willing to put up anything as a prize.

Also today is Nia's (Near) Birthday Happy 18th to L's successor! Fans know what that means!

Anyway I will have more information on the Halloween event towards the end of September. I am open to ideas however.

Let me know and please post somethings for LABB anything works just remember L's Seme!
I am

LABB Event.

I would very much love to see work here. x.x; I will not have another event planned till October. If there is something you want to write or draw but not sure about club standards.. feel free to talk to me. I do respond to all of my threads and any questions in a heartbeat. So lets see some work soon or something of L and BB..

I can assign letters, words, numbers, characters, and even a deadline if you want one. This event ends on the last day of August. Good luck to everyone!

and thank you to those that are participating.

LABB Event!

For those that want to participate there is an event taking place right now through the month of August.. the LABB event... artwork fanfiction even sim dolls would be nice to see for L x BB!

Please let me know if you want to have a letter, word, or number asigned to you for inspiration!

LABB Event.

I think I will start it off or say lets start it. I will include a list of 13 words I can assign you a word or you can pick one or two. You can do art or you can do a story please note anything higher than pg-13 must be Members only.

I will also include a challenge word if you want one.

And here you are the thirteen words.

13Collapse )

Please enjoy and no this is not a contest just for fun! ^^

Also spreading the word helps too. ^^;

Don't forget L is seme!

Updates and events

Just tired classes are murder but still no excuse to inform you guys of an event coming up that happens every August. It is the LABB event.. Japanese sites like Rothchiharu (sp?) Hexagram and other sites catering to not only L x Light but BB and L. (This is still seme L let me remind you..)

There won't be any contest but I believe we all can get in on the L x BB bandwagon and produce dare I say uke!Beyond Birthday? I'll let you all know as time gets closer.

Happy birthday to some of our beloved characters of the DN category and bleated ones.

On a different note I am happy to inform we have a new affiliation.

meaningless_ll is an Italian Death Note fanfiction community. If you can read, write or speak it feel free to join them.

I thank all of you for putting up with my slowness every once in a while.

Be sure to take care and check things out.